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Memorial (Gone But Not Forgotten)

This page is a reminder of our departed paddleball family that left us too soon. A page where we can relive some of the great times we spent with them on and off the courts
Sy Lane

Sy Lane

Remembering Sy Lane


By Anthony Segarra & Mike Melendez

His name will always be synonymous with Zerega Indoor Paddleball, now Paddleball, Handball, and Racquetball. Since 1981, he built Zerega into the “Mecca of indoor Paddleball”. While many refer to him as the Godfather of paddleball & though others existed before him, his tenure straight to 2013 makes him the greatest proponent of our beloved sport seemingly hands down. He loved the game of paddleball & as a paddleball player he carried his own weight handsomely and was a fierce competitor. Only Father Time slowed him down.

Though he appeared stoic in appearance, he was carefully guarded in opinion but still honest as a critic of fair analysis. His words carried much weight in PB as he proved to be approachable, a sweetheart in essence. He was a very friendly individual in the long run. Ultimately, he is/was one of our most beloved players-activists and “will never be forgotten”, rightfully so!! He did not allow nonsense in his place of business to prevail and one can still feel his presence today at Zerega.

 Rest In Peace Sy Lane – Father, Provider, Protector, friend of the Winter seasons of Paddleball, Handball, & Racquetball …. Your name, when spoken, will evoke Respect first & foremost along w/much gratitude, and love always in fond memories

Sy Lane Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/2013

Clarence Davis


Remembering Clarence Davis

By Mike Melendez


Clarence Davis Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy Was  a FUN guy to be around and easily recognized amongst the crowd by his beautiful smile. Clarence’s home park was Carmine in the Village and very much loved by the Paddleball community.Clarence loved the game of Paddleball and was a fierce competitor and a gentleman on & off the court. Gone too soon but NEVER to be Forgotten. R.I.P our friend. By Mike Melendez

Clarence Davis Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Jeff Haber

Jeff Haber

Remembering Jeff Haber

By Mike Melendez


I remember Jeff Haber as an intense player on the paddleball courts dripping in sweat from hustling and giving it his all to win every game. I had the opportunity to play with him and loved his game and his competitiveness. Another huggable giant in the game of paddleball gone too soon!

Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy


Phil Cosentino

Phil Cosentino

Remembering Phil Consentino

By Charlene & Mike Melendez


Phil was from Babylon, NY. He resided in Long Island and Spring Hill Florida where small ball Paddleball is still played. A solid Paddleball player with a great low serve and very competitive. He mentored paddleball to many players and was respected and loved by the paddleball community. He loved the game of Paddleball!

Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/2013

George McFadden

George McFadden

Remembering George McFadden

By Mike Melendez


Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/2013

Loved the game of paddleball and was a fierce competitor. He owned the beautiful Macfadden Paddle Sport facility in Queens. He enjoyed helping kids and people in general and was an active participant in the community, a gentle giant of a man!

Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/2013

Bill Pacheco

Bill Pacheco

Remembering Bill Pacheco


By Anita Maldonado

I remember Bill Pacheco — he was the cutest kid playing paddleball up at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and at Orchard Beach. Bill loved paddleball.

During those hot summer nights in the 70s we played under the glaring lights at Yankee Stadium Park. The Courts were packed with teenagers, grown-ups and paddleball players trying to stake their claim to their Court. There was nothing like it. A great match meant everyone in the Park was watching you. We were on stage. This was OUR stage. This was our tennis game and we were all great at it.

Orchard Beach was the weekend spot, with its rundown courts and hundreds of people gathering on the Boardwalk. Paddleball players claiming stake to their Courts. There was nothing like playing at Orchard Beach. From sunrise to sunset we stayed on the Courts all day and all night. We had to take down the winning team in order to be the champs! At the end of the day, with aching, cramping legs those of us who had biked to Orchard would ride back home through Pelham Parkway; paddles on our knapsacks; our backs aching and bones and body hurting. But happy we were and happy we rode – hasta manana baby!

Back in those days we knew the heart of paddleball players and that’s how we became friends with each other – everything was intense. Who could play? Who had game? Who had the desire to win? Who was good enough to take the champs off the Court? We ALL knew how each of us played. We knew who wanted to win and who didn’t give up. We played hard and fast. Paddleball was OUR game. It was what we had and we loved it! This was our sport!

As everything in life progresses, we as Teenagers moved on with our lives and faced the world. The years we shared on the Paddleball Courts of New York City still live in our memories. Bill Pacheco enjoyed the game just as he enjoyed a good life — so he told me.

I ran into Bill Pacheco in 2013 at C-town at 165th Street in the Bronx after not seeing him for a few decades. To my shock, he was in a wheelchair. I asked him what happened. We chatted as we headed back to his apartment. He told me how he had suffered a stroke. He told me about his life. He showed me pictures. Bill was very committed to serving his community. He had even started a very popular FaceBook page called “Wepaville” – which focused on anything and everything about Puerto Rican culture, anecdotes, stories and information.

Bill was kind, generous, nice and funny. He offered me Pasteles and I offered him coquito and we said we would stay in touch. And we did. He wrote about me on Wepaville – my own accomplishments in 4-wall racquetball for Team Puerto Rico. We talked on the phone several times after that with the commitment of keeping in touch.

While I read his Wepaville page and learned more about Bill, I realized how much he loved people and how much he was loved and respected in the Community.

He died in February 2015 and it broke my heart to know I still owed him his bottle of coquito for 2014.

I checked out Bill’s FaceBook page today [it’s still there] and he is still getting birthday wishes and he is still being told how much he is loved and how much he is missed — both by friends and family. Sometimes a beautiful soul will touch our lives in a special and beautiful way — Bill Pacheco was one of those souls. He was a special man.
Miss you Bill..

Bill Pacheco – Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Joe Corella - Indian Joe


Remembering Joe Corella(Indian Joe – Red Bandana)


By Dave Siegel

“Indian” Joe Corella

The paddleball world of Staten Island lost its legend in 2015. Joe Corella, known as Indian Joe, passed away after suffering a heart attack, much too young at age 68.

Joe was one-of-a-kind paddleball player and person, a great competitor, not only on the courts, but also in life. One of his legs was several inches shorter than the other. Who would have thought that he could have excelled in sports, much less a tough game like paddleball? However, it did not hold Joe back from his intense desire to become a top player. He wore orthopedic lift shoes and sneakers that helped him overcome his handicap. Specializing in singles, Joe took on all comers back in the 1970’s. His deadly low left handed “wrist snap” serve, with him positioned in the right front corner, was his calling card, as opponents were forced to cover 99% of the court and few had a clue as to where the ball was headed. As his game grew, so did his legend and persona on Staten Island. He wore a flashy red bandana, which helped transform him into “Indian Joe.” Wherever he held court on the Island, Joe drew crowds and fans and he loved the admiration. Anyone who participated in paddleball on the Island knew of Indian Joe and his legendary reputation. The highlight of his paddleball career came in the mid 70’s when he captured the Budweiser singles championship. He was so proud of that achievement, as were the Staten Island paddleball faithful.

Joe continued to be part of the fabric of Staten Island paddleball into the 1980’s, 90’s and early 2000’s as a player. Throughout his career, he was a true sportsman, always respecting his opponents and partners, showing great class and he lived his life the same way. He was very knowledgeable in the nuances of the game and the rules. When he stopped playing due to illness, he continued to be a big part of paddleball on the Island. Every Saturday and Sunday he was at the Midland Beach courts, watching, sharing his knowledge, helping with the games and tournaments and of course chatting it up.

In 2002, it was time for Joe to tackle some new competition. He was diagnosed with lung cancer. The Staten Island paddleball crew was shocked and honestly, we didn’t know how Joe would fare. He enlisted the help of doctors who treated him with experimental medication and what do you know? Indian Joe beat it! He remained cancer-free the rest of his life.

Joe was a great friend, always there when he was needed to lend a helping hand or to call to wish you well on a happy occasion. When his friend Sal was battling cancer, he was there for him. During the last few years of his life he devoted himself to caring for his infirm uncle and cousin, giving literally 100% of his time to their care. He was a great friend to Vic, Mike, Steve, Rich as well as myself and I’m sure many others outside of the paddleball world.

It’s now been a year since Joe has passed and he is missed and loved more than ever by everyone he touched. Rest in peace, Indian Joe.

Joe Corella(Indian Joe) – Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Sonny Risso

Remembering Sonny Risso. Bio to be added



Sonny Risso – Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Herman Sanchez

Remembering Herman Sanchez. Bio to be added



Herman Sanchez – Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Ray Andujar

Remembering Ray Andujar

Ray passed away from lung cancer. The actual date of his passing is not known. All I’ve heard is that it was in 2018.

Ray Sanchez Posted the following on Facebook. “A fierce lefty player who mostly played in Coney Island in the late 90’s and 2000’s. Gentle heart and always calm. I had the pleasure of knowing this gentlemen and played many games against him. Rest In Peace Ray.”

Ray Andujar – Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy



Remembering Richie Colon

Richie – Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy


Howard Miller

Remembering Howard Miller

By Andy Krosnick – “This WAS Howard Miller. He loved to play paddleball. He wasn’t the best or among the best players, but he was a Mensch! For those of you that don’t know what this means, simply put, he was a “Human Being”! He touched a lot of souls with his genuine thoughtfulness for his friends. He was truly an outstanding person. A giving person. And he will be missed. He played at the Historic Paddleball Courts at Garfield Street on Hollywood Beach.  There will be a plaque with his  name on it, to honor his generosity, integrity, sportsmanship, and his friendship to the rest of us players at the courts.

From Howard’s wife “He was a Good Husband and Father!”

Be At Peace Howard!! “Oh Come On”!!”

Sunrise 05/29/1946 – Sunset 04/30/2019


Thomas Rinfret


Remembering Thomas Rinfret

Thomas – Born mm/dd//yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy


James Sindlinger

Remembering James Sindlinger 

Sunrise 09/23/1969 – Sunset 03/30/2020


George McIntyre

Remembering George McIntyre

Sunrise DD/MM/YYY – Sunset DD/MM/YYY


Jose Kuilan

Remembering  Jose Kuilan

Sunrise 01/31/1949 – Sunset 11/14/1994

Written by Mike Melendez

Jose was one of the regular VCP paddleball family in the 80s & 90s. He was well liked at VCP and the paddleball community.  He was a good player, tall and in very good shape. He passed away at a young age. Murray Kirschner and the VCP players honored Jose with a plaque that can be found on the first court.


Lourdes Lozada

Remembering Lourdes Lozada

Sunrise 10/29/1962 – Sunset 11/06/2021

Written by Mike Melendez

Lourdes D. Lozada was one of the sweetest person in the Paddleball community. I’ve known her since the 80s when many of us started playing our beloved sport of Paddleball. I can say I have NEVER heard ANYONE say anything negative about this sweet loving lady.  You will definitely be dearly missed by friends and family.

Below is a link of a  video tribute I put together for her:


Elvin Alvarado



Remembering Elvin(“THE ROCK”) Alvarado

Sunrise  09/27/1964 – Sunset 11/09/2022

THE ROCK, as he was called by many, was a charismatic soul who touched mnay lives. He played Paddleball at Van Cortlandt Park  and was loved by the paddleball community wherever he palyed. THE ROCK was a terrific and fearless  player who gave it his all when he was on the court.  

Rest in peace our friend, the Paddleball community misses you!  


Joe Lube


Remembering Joe Lube

Remembering Joe Lube


By Frank Calo

Joseph Lubelfeld (Joe Lube) loved the game of paddleball more than anyone I know as he played three to four times a week till the a ripe old age of ??. None of us really knew how old he was but we all knew he could play. Joe was witty and had an unusual sense of humor. He was extremely passionate and committed about the game to the point of even mentoring different players.

Joe would give you the shirt off his back especially if it was dirty (Joe humor). He was a smart and smooth player who played as if he were dancing ballet. His movements were always in sync with the ball. Joe had a great fade away drop shot to either corners with both hands and a hair raising lob.

He was a writer, publisher, editor and reporter to a racquet sport newsletter, “RaquetSport player”, extolling virtues of the game and recognizing all players from A to D. He also wrote for other famous conservative literary magazines that I fail to remember their names. The man was smart.

In the mid 80’s Joe developed his own newsletter called, “Paddleball News”, see one of his articles below. It was primarily circulated at Zerega Indoor Paddleball and in Van Cortland Park (Joe’s home court). His humor was represented well in this comical yet honest newsletter. Through his newsletter Joe created an ongoing story about what was happening in the game of Paddleball. He enjoyed describing the assorted characters that played the game. Joe told it like it was and sometimes took heat for it. However, he always had something nice to say about every paddleball player, no matter what.

A true lover of the sport who most probably would have not liked big blue but would have played it just because he could. We will always miss your whimsical ways and the contribution that you made to the game of paddleball.

Rest in Peace Joe Lube. You were a force to be reckoned with, on and off the court.

Click link below to see one of Joe’s articles


Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Henry Morales

Henry Morales

Remembering Henry Morales


By Mike Melendez

I remember Henry as one of the good guys in the game of paddleball. Very quiet and humble gentleman and very competitive on the paddleball court with a very nice game.

R.I.P my friend. Your paddleball family miss you.

Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Louie(Shotgun) Torres

Shotgun Luis

Remembering Louie(Shotgun) Torres


By Mike Melendez

Personally I did not know Shotgun Louie that well. We spoke a few times about the game of paddleball and other things. I do not recall actually playing with or against him. I did see him play pick up games and he was one of the first ‘Power’ hitter I saw play the game of Paddleball.

The Louie I remember was a very good Paddleball player and a gentleman on/off the courts. He was a man of few words and liked by everyone in the Paddleball community.

R.I.P my friend Louie. The paddleball family misses you.

Born 03/10/1946 – Passed Away 05/26/2001

Pete Santos

Bio Coming soon

Remembering Pete Santos


By ..

Pete Santos – Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Millie Candal


Bio coming soon

Remembering Millie Candal


By .

Born 11/08/1954 – Passed Away 01/15/2016



Remembering Funches


By Mike Melendez

I remember Funches as a very competitive, very combative paddleball player on the courts. He was also a freelance photographer mainly for the NY Post newspaper.

He donated a lot of his time taking pictures at paddleball tournaments. I personally received free tournament’s photos from him. As Christine Rodriguez said ‘He was a sweet and hug-gable giant of a friend!’

Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Murray Kirschner


Remembering Murray Kirschner

Creator of the Wallbanger Newspaper



Murray Kirschner  – Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Jack Moriarty

Remembering  Jack Moriarty

Jack Moriarty – Born 10/15/1942 – Passed Away 11/19/2011

Written by Debbie Rosenthal

Jack Moriarty 10/15/1942 -11/19/2011 Father, Husband & Paddleball Player During the summer of 1976, Jack fell in love with the game of paddleball.. a late starter compared to others, at the age of 34. When the summer ended and he learned that the only way to play in the winter was outdoors, in the cold, snowy, New York weather, Jack, as innovative as he always was, decided to build indoor paddleball courts and that is how it all started. Bronx Indoor Paddleball later known as Zerega was born. With his own hands and the love of the game, Jack and his partner Frank created this labor of love. The courts’ opening even made the 6 o’clock news on CBS. After 2 years, the business was sold to Sy Lane however Jack’s love for the game continued for his entire life and it was a family love affair that went on throughout the years even when he moved south in 1988 playing at all the Florida hotspots.. A right-sided, admittedly passionate, B player, Jack was instrumental in getting one wall courts built at his neighborhood park and ran a Pro Shop adjacent to the Garfield St courts in Hollywood Bch, FL in his later years. And when it came time for him to leave us, he had his paddle with him so he could call “got next” with all the other players that have left us all too soon. He coined the phrase .. “PLAY PADDLEBALL …LOVE LONGER” which still lives on today during his Memorial Tournament every winter at the Hollywood Beach courts. Jack was a true innovator and pioneer of indoor paddleball that took the game to a whole new level. Not a day goes by that he is not missed on & off the court!


Allen Eades - Shorty

Remembering Allen Eades – Shorty By Mike Melendez

Sunrise – December 5, 1945 – Sunset November 7, 2018

Allen Eades, Affectionately known as Shorty, was a staple at most paddleball events, always taking photos of anyone within reach of his camera lens. He may be gone but the memories he created will live on for years to come. His passing has left a void in the paddleball community. Shorty was one of the nicest and most loving people I have known. Many were touched by Shorty, for me I will always remember him as the incredible caring and loving individual, full of kindness and compassion and loved by the Paddleball community.

We were all very lucky to have had him in our lives and even though he is no longer physically with us, we will be looking for that gentle face in the crowd with a camera around his neck at future Paddleball events. We love and miss you Shorty, past, present and future.
Rest in peace our friend Shorty, gone too soon but NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN!

“To live in the hearts of others is never to die”.  Shorty, will always live in our hearts!


Nike-Willie Andrade

Remembering Willie Andrade(Nike) By Kathy Guinan

Willie Andrade fondly known as Nike Willie. He would meticulously sport head to toe matching Nike attire. A very talented competitive Paddleball player with great court sense and a variety of shot selection. A smart player who could play with anyone.


Willie was a loving, kind, generous man always buying gifts for people for no reason, yup just because. He offered a helping hand, money, his time, his advice and a listening ear to all that needed it no matter what. A sweetheart. A loyal, loving friend respected by all. A devoted loving husband to Yvette and their 3 sons. Love you Willie. You are missed. Forever in my heart.

Willie – Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy


Richie Schwarz

Remembering Richie Schwarz

Sunrise 07/19/1949 – Sunset 7/22/2018


Curtis Mondesir

Remembering Curtis Mondesir

“Curtis was a great paddleball player who loved the sport dearly beside dominoes.. He had a tough low serve. Great attitude on and off the court. He was a caring person with a big heart, and would give you his last if he had it…” Kim Mondesir

Be At Peace Curtis

Curtis – Sunrise 02/28//1956 – Sunset 03/16/2020


Marcelo Brizuela

Remembering Marcelo – Yankee/VCP

Written by  – Author Unknown

Marcelo, a paddleball player for over 30 years, was very well like by players from all of New York City Boroughs. He was also famous for serving the first serve long all the time. Any time a player serves the first serve long you can hear the players in the back howling “MARCELOOOOOOOO”.

Marcelo went to Van Cortlandt Park on Thursday (6/14/2001) and played three dynamite games. He felt so good he came back to play the next day, Friday. Marcelo was playing so great, that one of his opponents Victor Blanco a.k.a. “Dominican Victor” could not believe it. Marcelo was wining 8 points to 1 point. As the games progress and the battle continued the heat and humidity climbed. Marcelo stopped in the middle of the game and told the guys “I have to stop, it’s to hot out here”. Marcelo then went and sat on the bench. He was noticeably dizzy and breathing deep, so we call the ambulance. He then passed out on the bench, that’s when Jenaro (lefty) Oquendo desperately administered C.P.R. At the same time Jose Vasquez held his legs up for blood circulation and about six guys scattered for help. Iran Botta spotted an ambulance at the corner and informed the E.M.T.s about the situation. As the ambulance made its way to the park, Marcelo was not breathing. Victor then told Lefty “lets try one more time”. Lefty massaged Marcelo’s heart, Victor gave him mouth-to-mouth. As Victor pumped his last two breaths into Marcelo’s lungs, Marcelo opened his eyes and then the E.M.T.s took over. The E.M.T.s worked on Marcelo for about 20 minutes inside the ambulance before taking him to Montefiore Hospital where he laid unconscious until he passed.

– Sunrise mm/dd//yyyy – Sunset 06/15/2001


Bob Pacheco

Remembering Bob Pacheco

He was well liked in the paddleball community and traveled to many of the paddleball parks throughout the Tri-state area. I had many laughs with him at Yankee stadium and at many tournaments with his dry humor. He was known for shouting out during tournaments matches and at regular park’s game..”anybody’s game!”

or “Beauty

Sunrise xx/xx/xxxx – Sunset xx/xx/xxxx


R.I.P Vietnam Bob 🙁

Juan Gonzalez

Remembering Juan Gonzalez A.K.A  Moose

Sunrise 10/2/1951 – Sunset 02/15/2021


John Bruschi

John Bruschi

Remembering John Bruschi

Sunrise DD/MM/YYY – Sunset 07/23/2021

Written by Howard Hammer

The consummate professional and the ultimate team player.  Those are the words that come to mind when describing John Bruschi.  In the 1960s and 1970s, I had the pleasure and great fortune of having John as my doubles partner, and I could not have asked for a better partner on the court.  The success we were fortunate enough to enjoy was due to how well we worked together, and that success would never have been possible without John.  Our partnership continued into the 1980s, as we and Marv Rosenberg and Howie Solomon put on exhibitions throughout the tri-state area and beyond, spreading our love of the game.John was always recognizable on the court, with his familiar eye protection and helmet.  Although not the fastest player or the hardest hitter, his amazing success came from the neck up: John was one of the smartest and best defensive players in the game.  He was often a step or two ahead of his opponents, setting up shots and never giving in.  His trademark lob shot would leave our harder hitting opponents bewildered.  Perhaps the best thing that one partner can say about another is that “he made me look good.”  John always made me look good.  I can still remember like yesterday his defensive play.  John was never out of position, and he never “hung me out to dry.”  Victory after victory, and championship after championship was his paddleball legacy. ­People that remembered John playing can recall the greatness and effortlessness with which he played.  I was lucky enough to be witness to it day after day, and tournament after tournament.  John also never rested on his laurels.  I can recall John calling me in the middle of winter to practice, and I’d tell him I’m not sure we should because it’s 30 degrees out!  But that was John, whose dedication to the craft, and always striving to get better, is another one of his qualities.


So too was his class, and the always respectful way he conducted himself on the court.  As our competitive days were winding down, the next great doubles team of Andy Krosnick and Bobby Schwartz had the good fortune to compete against John and witness his play, and they continued to uphold the mantle of John’s skill and class.

I’ve known John for a half century, and I am honored to have played with him and learned from him.  Most importantly, I’m proud to call him a friend.  I’m glad he is remembered as one of the greatest paddleball players of all time.


Samuel Cesareo

Remembering Sammy Cesareo

Sunrise 11/07/1967- Sunset 2/10/2022

Sam loved Paddleball, his  love for paddleball started at the age of 13. Whether playing during an official match or at Orchard Beach with his friends, he was always a fierce competitor eager to accept a challenge. Sam was a champion of the sport with multiple victories alongside his long-time paddleball partner and best friend, Robert Sostre. On the courts, he was reverently referred to as “Samson” and “Sammy the Bull.” He even had a paddle bearing his name; which many players purchased, cherished, and loved.

The paddleball family lost an incredible member, and the world has lost a truly wonderful man!  Sam was a beautiful and kind soul who touched many people. He remains alive in our hearts, and his memories will continue to bring smiles to our faces. If there are paddleball tournaments in heaven, Sammy has already registered and is determined to get first place.



Peter Bebros Sarkissian



Remembering Peter Bebros Sarkissian

Sunrise  11/26/1952 – Sunset 11/27/2022

Peter loved his family his friends and above all god, He served his community and the Armenian church for well over five decades. He studied at the St. James’ Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem where he was also ordained a deacon. He was a member of the Garfield paddleball family in Florida. He loved both Paddleball and Racquetball and was the former owner of the BQE racquetball fitness club in Queens opened 24/7. He left his mark on every person you met.

Rest in peace our friend, the Paddleball community misses you! 


Tommy Martinez


Remembering Tommy Martinez

By Gene Rodriguez


Below Gene’s article there is comment from Tommy’s loving wife and friend, the lovely and paddleball royalty Evelyn Diaz

On July 23, 2015 I lost one of my best friend, Tommy Martinez. He was taken from us suddenly and prematurely. What can I say about Tommy that those who were fortunate to know him don’t already know? He and I met over thirty years ago while playing paddleball. We became best of friends almost immediately. Most probably it was his easy going manner that attracted me, as I am sure attracted others to him also.

Tommy was a gentleman from head to toe. Never in all the years I knew him did I ever see him argue. At no time did I hear him say harsh words about anyone. If he had a difference of opinion Tommy had a diplomatic way of expressing it. I truly believe he did not know how to argue. Tommy never lost his cool on or off the court maybe it was his Marine background. You needed help, Tommy was always there without the asking. He went out of his way for everyone even if he just met you. What I admired the most about Tommy was his sense of family as he was the oldest of seventeen children and proud of it.

Many may not know this but Tommy had a very keen yet dry sense of humor. When he told a joke he would start laughing before the punchline. Tommy’s early departure has left a void in my life and in many of those who knew him. I recently read the following quote, that reminded me of him: Friendship is the hardest thing to explain, it’s not something you can learn in school, but if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you haven’t really learned anything”

Tommy Martinez – Born 09/23/1946 – Passed Away 07/23/2015

Comment from Evelyn Diaz:

” Tommy was a wonderful man. Man of honor and pride. A good son, brother, father and especially wonderful husband. I was fortunate to be blessed to have such man. God knew who to bring in my life to show true love. “


John Ritano

Bio Coming Soon

Remembering Funches



John Ritano – Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Mendy Korman

Bio Coming Soon

Remembering Mindy Korman



Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy



Bio Coming soon

Remembering Albin



Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Boye Lozada

Bio Coming Soon

Remembering Boye Lozada



Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy



Bio Coming soon

Remembering Les



Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Silo Vasquez


Remembering Silo Vasquez

Silo had a unique game

Bio and photo to be added



Silo Vasquez  – Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy

Steve Smith

Remembering  Steve Smith

Born xx/xx/xxxx – Passed Away 09/11/2017

Written by

BIO In Progress…


Zeke-Esiquio Zayas

Remembering Zeke-Esiquio Zayas

Born xx/xx/xxxx – Passed Away 01/10/2019

I did not really know Zeke. We became friends through the PFA FB page. He contributed tons of photos and videos to the PFA page creating memories will last a lifetime. We never crossed path during our Paddleball days as he really started playing tournaments and traveling around different parks looking for games and meeting new friends after I left the game in 1987. But EVERYTHING I’ve heard about Zeke has been 100% positive. He left great memories that many in the Paddleball Community will cherished for a lifetime.   R.I.P Zeke

Written by Mike Melendez


Walter Silcott

Remembering Walter Silcott

Walter Silcott – Born mm/dd/yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy


Richard Ramos

Remembering Richard Ramos

Such a kind and gentle soul, gone far too soon. May God Bless his soul. R.I.P 

Richie – Born 05/16/1955 – Passed Away 05/25/2019


Marvin Rosenberg

Remembering Marvin Rosenberg

Tom Lowy Wrote:

As we live life, we come across many different kinds of people. Some we like, others, not so much. A special few make a lasting impression and make us better for having known them. Marvin was one of the special ones. Being nineteen years my senior, I looked at him as a beloved Father
figure. He was soft spoken, always saw the glass as half-full and if he didn’t have something good to say about someone, he chose to say nothing. He was a dapper dresser, had an eye for the ladies, loved his
beautiful wife Barbara and was a successful businessman. He was a musician and one hell of a Paddleball
player. By any yardstick, he lived a life worth emulating.
I first met Marvin the summer of 1971 at Orchard Beach in the Bronx where I went to play paddleball, having outgrown my local park competition in Manhattan.
He introduced himself to me as I was coming off the court and was very complementary of my ‘Lefty’ play. He told me that he played with the best players in the game and invited me to come play with them. He said that he believed I had the potential to become one of the best players in the game. Through this chance meeting, later on, we became partners and achieved a great deal of success. But, no matter how hard we tried, in tournaments, were never able to beat the top three teams of the era.
One day, as we were getting ready for a tournament, he said to me; ‘Tom, You have what it takes to be a Champion. But, I’m holding you back. I’m going to cut you loose so you can achieve your dream’. I
loved him like a Father and never would have quit him, but I acknowledged the truth of his selfless statement. We hugged and shed tears as we parted. There is nothing more I can say about him that would better illustrate the character of this finest of human beings. He will live on as part of my fondest memories.

Howard Hammer Wrote:

“The world of paddleball lost a great one, and the world lost a wonderful guy. Marvin would have been ninety-three this May. I had the pleasure of knowing Marv for more than fifty years. He was a true gentleman: kind, courteous, and extremely quick-witted. In the 70s and 80s, Marv traveled with me, John Bruschi, and Howie Solomon or Mark Vogel putting on exhibitions. Marvin was a fantastic story teller, and he often begin a story at the beginning of the trip and finish just as we arrived. The audiences loved him at those exhibitions, but also could see what a great player he was. In fact, he was APA Master’s Doubles Champion. Marv was a great friend, and when I visited him the last few years at the nursing home, his humor and thoughtfulness still shone through. I will always remember Marvin Rosenberg. “

Marvin Rosenberg – Sunrise xx/xx//xxxx – Sunset xx/xx/xxxx


Michael Lawrence

Remembering Michael Lawrence

By Andy Krosnick

Mickey, I affectionately called “The Adventurer”! He was always doing things like rafting, or sky diving, or scuba diving, or hiking. He was always greeting us players at the Historic Garfield Street Park whenever he arrived, and said his farewell to all of us whenever he left for the day! He was a warm and very much liked player at our courts, and always volunteered his services whenever we had a tournament. Mickey was plain and simple, a Mensch, a Human Being!
He died while on one of his adventures, rafting, and while he left us so suddenly, he died doing something he loved!
On behalf of the paddleball players at Garfield Street we hope that he is At Peace!!

Michael – Born mm/dd//yyyy – Passed Away mm/dd/yyyy


Dennis Majorino

Remembering Dennis Majorino

Andy Krosnick Wrote:

Dennis was a 5 tool player! He had it all.

An Offensive, Defensive, Great Left, Great Right, and a Smart player! And yet, few people knew of this dynamic player!!

He briefly played with Steve Rothfeld back in the 70s. Had they stayed together as a team, they would have been the best ever!


Dennis passed away prematurely at a rather young age. But the shame of it all is……..few knew who he was!

Be At Peace, Dennis!!



Frank DelloRusso Wrote:

It is very sad he passed so young. We first met in the 90’s and he only briefly mentioned that he played paddleball back in the day only after he found out I started to play. I asked him to come and play again but it just never happened. Not once did he ever elude to his talents! He was an admirable man who obviously was humble. He also had a gift of knowledge and wisdom that could easily capture your attention. If you were lucky enough to attend a gathering he was at then you would know he could belt out a mean Frank Sinatra tune. He is missed❤️

Sunrise 05/01/1951 – Sunset 08/22/2012


R.I.P Dennis

Anthony Gionnatti

Remembering Anthony Gionnatti

Sunrise mm/dd/yy – Sunset mm/dd/yy


Joe Golio

Remembering Joe Golio

Sunrise dd/mm/yyyy – Sunset dd/mm/yyyy

Joey touched the lives of everyone he knew in a profound way. He always had time to listen, time to talk, give advice and help when needed. He had a good sense of humor, an infectious smile and a loving heart filled with compassion. Joey you will be greatly missed. Rest in eternal life and peace our dear friend.


By Kathy Guinan



Warren Weiners


Remembering Warren Weiners

Sunrise  dd/mm/yyyy- Sunset dd/mm/2022

Warren played at Christopher Morley Park. A Lover of Paddleball until God said we can’t have him anymore. Im Blessed to have met Warren and honored to call him my friend. With a heart of Gold but a tuff old man that didn’t take any bull but that was i respected from Warren. He never told me what i wanted to her but what i needed to hear. Until his last day with his health failing he call to check how i was doing. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU MY BROTHER

Ray Sanchez (Vegas)



Joe Texas

Remembering Joe Texas

Sunrise  mm/dd/yyyy – Sunset 11/17/2022

“Today is a very sad day for Kim and I. My good friend Joe Texas passed away yesterday. Joe was an avid paddleball player and a fixture of Bay 8th Street for a very long time. His age prevented him for playing in the last several years but I knew he still loved the game. Joe was my biggest fan. I will truly miss him and his companionship as well as plenty others who knew him the way that I did. Joe hold on to that paddle and keep on playing in heaven. Give them the Blister Joe”
By Bay Lui

Rest in peace our friend, the Paddleball community misses you!