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PFA 3rd Annual Summer Mixed Doubles Tournament Recap

The PFA Annual Summer Mixed Doubles Tournament is no doubt one of my favorite PFA paddleball events and the one we held yesterday reminded me why it is so beloved to me. Though we did not draw as many teams as in the previous two years, this tournament turned out to be special. On this beautiful summer day at Bay 8th Park in Brooklyn, fifteen teams battled for the crown. In the semi-finals, last year’s runners up, Megan Flash and Danny Dc Fraschilla, avenged their loss in last year’s finals to perennial paddleball champions Robert Sostre and Kathy Zerega, the winners of this event for the past two years. It was a sensational hard-fought 21-18 victory. In the finals we got a taste of the future champs of paddleball. For the first time in many years, all the finalists were under the age of 30, and it showed! Megan and Danny were pitted against the powerful team of Damien Garcia and Melissa Sky and all of the players were absolutely crushing the ball, playing smart and their athleticism was unbelievable! This finals match was breathtaking with Megan and Danny emerging victorious, 25-22! Yes, this one was SPECIAL!!

Congratulations and Thank You:
Congratulations to all of the participants and THANK YOU for your support!
Thank you to everyone that shared food, water, etc.!
Thank you to those that just came out to watch and cheer their favorite players! You are an important component in growing our beloved sport.
Thank you to all that helped call games and lines! You are an important reason why the tournament ran so smoothly.
A huge THANK YOU to Liz Colon for all of the FB Live feeds, enabling those not present to enjoy our sport, and more importantly, doing her share to promote the game!
THANK YOU to Mitch ( Miguel Oro) and Kim Avena for donating pizza for all!
A HUGE shout-out to the PFA tournament staff, Mitch, Mike Waters and Ray Gaston, for all they do to run a smooth tournament! We pulled off another GEM!

Thank you to the sponsors for their free products and support! Please #SupportThoseThatSupportUs!:
Gearbox – PFA #1 sponsor
Kathy Zerega – Our #1 supporter
CricketZone – Great trophy discounts
Rollout – Great T-shirts discounts

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to the finalists! You guys put on a GREAT and entertaining show with GREAT sportsmanship. The future of paddleball looks terrific in your hands!

1st Place – Megan Leung & Danny Fraschilla
2nd – Place – Melissa Sky & Damian Garcia
3rd-4th (Tie) – Kathy Zerega & Robert Sostre/Charlene Gilio & Keith Jackson

Next PFA events:
Carmine Reunion (9/8)
Open (FREE) Small Ball (9/23) – EVERYTHING FREE!
Until next time..#YouGotNext!

All the BEST – Mike Melendez