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Paddleball Rules Frequently Asked Questions

PFA Paddleball Rule Book - Click Link Below
The Serving Zone

While serving, the server MUST stay within the Serving Zone which is between the Short Line and Service Line(has marks)

Player Gets Struck After Illegal Movement

At the discretion of the referee, a player who deliberately moves into the path of a return and is struck by either the ball or opponent’s paddle , will receive an OUT against him.

Ball Breaking During Play

A broken ball during service does NOT cancel any FAULT preceding the ball breaking. No claim can be made about the last play once the next service is made. Therefore, the ball must be ruled broken by the referee before t next service.

Serve Time Limit

The ball MUST be served within 10 seconds once the score is called by the referee or a FAULT will be called.

Illegal Movement

Deliberate moving of a player into the path of a ball in play by an opponent will result in an OUT against the offender. A BLOCK shall be called should the above occur accidentally.