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Paddleball Family Alliance Open Membership

Membership Breaking News

The Paddleball Family Alliance (PFA) is making membership available for anyone that would like to join, the membership dues is $40 annually.

What is the reason for membership dues?
In order to grow the sport of paddleball, small & big ball, we must showcase the sport across the Tri-State Area by putting on display the beauty of our sport. The way to accomplish this goal is by scheduling tournaments, youth clinics, awards presentation to recognize ALL contributors to the sport and much more. All of the aforementioned requires funding. Membership dues alone is not going to generate the funds needed to successfully run these events but it will help us get started. Eventually we will need contributions from businesses to be able to put on some of the big events.

What do I get for my $40 membership dues?
1. High quality member T-shirt, see picture below
2. 20% discount entry fee at all tournaments promoted by the PFA, we’ll work with other tournament’s coordinators to try get member discounts for those events.
3. Discounts to all PFA special events like awards presentation.
4. Access to PFA website Members ONLY section where valuable information such as store discounts, nutritional tips, and others, will be posted.
5. Invitation to Members ONLY summer picnic, Paddleball, DJ, Volleyball, Basketball, raffles and more.
6. Voting right to general issues that affect the Paddleball community.

If you would like to become a member please fill out the application found at the PFA website link—>

Who Got Next?

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Paddleball Players Early Champions

Based on Chris Lecakes author of the Unites States Paddleball Association Paddleball Official Rules, the following individuals were some of the first Champions recorded in the annals of Paddleball:
  1. Howard Eisenberg – Won the U.S Paddleball Association Men’s singles titles from 1961 thru 1964 and Doubles(with Victor Niederthoffer)  titles in 1964 & 1965.
  2. Chis Lacakes – Won the U.S Paddleball Association Men’s Doubles titles in 1961, 62 & 1966 with Barky Boodakian and 1968 with John Bruschi.
  3. Blanche Schacter – Won the U.S Paddleball Association Women’s singles & Doubles(with Hilda Yablok) title in 1963
  4. Victor Niederthoffer – Won the U.S Paddleball Association singles & doubles titles in  1965 & 1966
  5. Howard Hammer – Won the U.S Paddleball Association singles in 1967 & 1968 and Doubles in 1963, with Hy Kaplowitz,, & 1967 with Morty Wolkorff. Howard also won The American Paddleball Association Doubles title in 1971 & 1972 with John Bruschi.
  6. Dorothy Wasser & Dinah Stoller – Won the U.S Paddleball Association Women’s Doubles in 1971.
  7. .Robert Schwarz & Andrew Krosnick won The American Paddleball Associations Doubles in 1973 & 1974