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As you may or may not know, a few years back I created a PFA YouTube channel. It’s a library consolidating the best videos I could find that pertain to paddleball. I recently updated and organized it and am continuing to work on this project. Personally, I think it’s great having all of these videos in one place for the paddleball community’s viewing enjoyment. Here is the link, check it out:

I’m sure everyone knows that I am continuously looking for sources of income for the PFA in order to fund our Youth Clinics, host PFA Paddleball events and tournaments, and perhaps most importantly, to attract potential sponsors. It turns out that this YouTube channel can help us make a little money for the cause, but I need your help. This is what it will take:

  • We need a total of 1000 subscribers. Our PFA Facebook group has 1500 members. So if everyone subscribes to the YouTube channel, achieving this is a slam dunk.
  • 4000 total watch hours for the year. If all members watch only 3 hours in a year, we will exceed this. I’m sure everyone will enjoy the videos. This goal should be easily reached.

Your support for this project doesn’t involve any donations. If everyone in the Paddleball Family-OneWall Community subscribes to the PFA YouTube channel and watches a few hours of the videos, we will achieve the goals in no time! So please take two seconds to click the link, hit “subscribe,” and start enjoying the videos. I’d appreciate it more than anything!


All the BEST – Mike Melendez