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Ross is a right handed player that has been playing paddleball for 17 years. He is a humble and respectable player liked by the paddleball community. He developed a love for the game at an early age when his father used to take him to the park where Ross would practice by himself and sometimes hit the ball around with his Dad. He started playing paddleball at Newbridge Rd. Park/Cedar Creek Park. He sharpened his game by watching other players and then incorporating what he saw into his own game/strategy. Ross has done very well in paddleball tournaments. He has won many tournaments and finished in the top 3 in many other tournaments.

He said paddleball is a “good way of getting exercise/fresh air, meeting people, using strategy & developing new shots”. He believes that to grow the sport of paddleball we need to “Get the youth interested in playing & following the game, & somehow get more sponsors” His advice to his paddleball peers is to “Concentrate on having a good time & developing your game when playing”.

He would like to give “Thanks to all those who have done things to help keep the game alive – including A-1 & the PFA!”