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Mark Goldstein – Weekly Player profile (6/19/17)

Mark is a left handed player that started playing paddleball with his dad in the 80’s at castle hill beach club and at parks in the Morris park neighborhood in the Bronx. He prefers Small ball paddleball game. Currently his home park is Van Cortland. He usually play twice a week Saturday and Sunday and more if he get some free time during the week. His favorite paddleball shot is “the overhand spike that only Kareem Abdul Jabbar could return” He does not have a particular favorite player. He “watches those he admire live and on video and take pieces of their game and try to copy their style of play into his game”. Mark has a solid game and has placed in various tournaments.

When asked what he thinks about the sport his reply was “This sport is my addiction!. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t look at my schedule and see if there’s any way for me to get to the park and play”. He feels that in order to grow the sport it needs to be introduced to the youth and is the key for its revitalization without question. His view is 100% in line with the PFA’s view. His advice to the paddleball community is to “Keep doing what we’re doing. We should never let this game fade away..I Got Next”  .