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Brian Newson Weekly Player profile(6/25/17)

Brian is a left handed player that has been playing paddleball off and on since the late 70’s. He is a very humble and liked by the paddleball community. He has been working with NYC for the past 32 years. He also has been a volunteer for the past 6 years with NYC Office of Emergency Management Community Emergency Response Team(CERT). Like many of his paddleball peers he picked up the game quickly because he transitioned from handball to paddleball. He started playing paddleball on 134th Street at St. Nicholas Park in Manhattan. He then took his game to 135th street by Harlem Hospital in search of tougher competition. As his game improved he once again moved on to Lenox Avenue and 113th street in search of tougher competition. Currently his home outdoor park is Sayers and Juniper park and Zerega in the winter. He normally plays twice a week, Saturday & Sunday. In the summer he travels with his friends and fellow paddleball players Alex Cherry and Marian Quinn around the Tri-State area in search of tough competition and meet new friends. His favorite paddleball shot is the spike. He does not have a favorite player. However, he does watch and pay attention to a lot of players/games to learn and possibly incorporate a shot or a particular strategy. He loves paddleball, he said “it’s a great way to keep active, better your health (my doctor is always surprised at my heart rate) and you meet great people when you travel to different parks.”

I asked him what he thinks is needed to grow the sport? His response,  “It’s great that the Paddle Family Alliance is actively engaging kids, you may want to reach out and convert current handball players”. His advice to his paddleball peers is “Just to have fun, respect each other and the calls that are being made and let your play decide the game”. He believes there is “Nothing to change about a sport that is great to play with other players who are inclusive of others no matter the skill level.”