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Matthew Ramos 
Mathew, “The Sniper”, is a powerful right handed player in his late 20s. He is a quite Paddleball gentleman of few words on the courts. But do not let his on court quite demeanor fool you, on the court he is a hungry lion constantly stalking his prey. You must keep him on the defense, cause setting his right hand up while you are in front could be dangerous to your health!
He started playing paddleball regularly around the age of 17 at Van Cortland park, which is still his home park, about 13 years ago. His father inspired him to start playing paddleball. He plays one to two times a week year round, Zerega Indoor is his home court during the winter season. Of the many shots in the game his favorite is between a heavy topspin drop shot and a lob with heavy under-spin. He does not have a particular favorite player but his top 5, in no specific order, are: Hoppy, Eddie (Flaco), Sostre, Nelson, and Richie Miller
His view about the sport of paddleball?. “I think it’s a great sport. It’s fun, addictive, physically and mentally rigorous, and most of all if I haven’t mentioned, it’s fun lol”.
I asked him what he thinks is needed to take the sport to the next level? ” There are outdoor one wall courts all over New York City. In order to help the sport thrive, I think it’s necessary to travel to different parks to allow others both inside and outside the park to see the game of paddleball in action, especially parks where one wall courts aren’t being utilized “
His advice to his paddleball peers is ” to keep playing, never quit”. He believes there is nothing that need to be changed about the sport of paddleball at this time.
Congratulation Matt! Continue supporting the sport we all love and keep giving paddleball PowPow!