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Jack Moriarty

Born 10/15/1942 – Passed Away 11/19/2011

Written by Debbie Rosenthal

Jack Moriarty Father, Husband & Paddleball Player During the summer of 1976, Jack fell in love with the game of paddleball.. a late starter compared to others, at the age of 34. When the summer ended and he learned that the only way to play in the winter was outdoors, in the cold, snowy, New York weather, Jack, as innovative as he always was, decided to build indoor paddleball courts and that is how it all started. Bronx Indoor Paddleball later known as Zerega was born. With his own hands and the love of the game, Jack and his partner Frank created this labor of love. The courts’ opening even made the 6 o’clock news on CBS. After 2 years, the business was sold to Sy Lane however Jack’s love for the game continued for his entire life and it was a family love affair that went on throughout the years even when he moved south in 1988 playing at all the Florida hotspots.. A right-sided, admittedly passionate, B player, Jack was instrumental in getting one wall courts built at his neighborhood park and ran a Pro Shop adjacent to the Garfield St courts in Hollywood Bch, FL in his later years. And when it came time for him to leave us, he had his paddle with him so he could call “got next” with all the other players that have left us all too soon. He coined the phrase .. “PLAY PADDLEBALL …LOVE LONGER” which still lives on today during his Memorial Tournament every winter at the Hollywood Beach courts. Jack was a true innovator and pioneer of indoor paddleball that took the game to a whole new level. Not a day goes by that he is not missed on & off the court!